About Us

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Ottawa Condo Directors Group (CDG) is to leverage the collective wisdom, knowledge and experience of its membership in order to help them manage their individual condominium operations most effectively and efficiently. CDG will help member Boards achieve their goals and objectives, resulting in these facilities becoming known as great places to live and invest in.

How we function

Leadership Group

The CDG is led by a small group of volunteer directors also called the Leadership Team (LT). A large part of the LT’s work is focused on organizing meetings on topics of interest identified by the membership and encouraging opportunities that may help leverage members’ purchasing power. Members are encouraged to take on specific activities in support of the LT’s work.


Duly elected directors of Ottawa’s condominium corporations are invited to become participating members of the CDG. Condo corporations are encouraged to register all active directors of the board of directors. There is no cost attached to the membership, but members are encouraged to become volunteers in areas of interest and/or personal expertise. To learn more on how to become a member, click here.


The CDG membership meets 4 times a year in an informal setting to discuss one or two topics of interest to board members. The format of the meetings is kept simple by drawing upon the expertise of professionals as guest speakers and on the collective knowledge and experience of participating members. In keeping with our mission, the meetings provide an opportunity for open discussion and, for new and “not so new directors”, it helps develop a network of like-minded contacts.